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Jericho Project

Jericho Project was established in 1995 as a structured, residential treatment program for recovery from substance abuse and criminal behavior. The primary objective is recovery through development of the mind, body, and spirit. The program facilities include several of our state-licensed private residential facilities and our outpatient treatment center. Jericho Project's first phase housing includes two residential houses. The houses are designed for newcomers who have been in the program less than three months. Our second phase housing consists of our 18-unit apartment complex. The apartment complex is designed to accommodate senior members. Our third phase housing consists of our 11-unit apartment complex designed for the alumni in our aftercare program. All residential housing is supervised by senior staff members. Our outpatient treatment center contains large open rooms for members to conduct treatment meetings, educational/ vocational classes, warehousing/forklift certification classes, corporate offices, and professional gym, which is designed to promote a healthy lifestyle. The center is central to the program's structure, training, and activities.


Jericho Project is a minimum six-month program designed to treat chemically dependent criminal offenders. The program's philosophy reflects relapse prevention and a developmental approach to recovery from the Gorski-CENAPS model. The goal is twofold. 1) To identify and eliminate the addictive and criminal type of thinking and identity, and 2) To embrace and develop, through training and education, responsible personal and social behavior.


Mr. Chuck Etchison

After paroling from CA State Prison in 1993, Chuck Etchison was determined to make a difference. After years of drug addiction and cycling in and out of the criminal justice system, Mr. Etchison stopped the cycle of addiction and criminality in his own life. He used his experience to design a program to address the needs of others who suffered from similar circumstances. Mr. Etchison founded Jericho Project in 1995 with little more than determination and the dream of extending his life's lessons to others. Jericho Project is the culmination of Mr. Etchison's life's work. Thousands of young men have turned their lives around after completing Jericho Project's rigorous regimen of physical, educational, vocational, and spiritual training.




We are not twelve step.

We are not faith based.

We are Evidence Based. 

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