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Program Structure 


We are a highly structured program. The men are required to punctually attend all activities scheduled throughout the day. They are required to maintain their gear and personal area in a neat and orderly condition at all times. The men are required to observe a neat/casual dress code with a military style haircut. No facial hair is allowed. The men are responsible for the function of their house. They will budget, shop and prepare all meals within the house structure. Each man is expected to perform his individual responsibilities as instructed by his house manager. This teaches the individual to follow instructions, promotes self discipline and responsibility as an individual and as a group.


The clients' first 90 days is considered the stabilization period. This period gives the client a chance to stabilize within the program as well as himself. Clients are able to make a decision towards finding a career in something that interests them through education and vocational training. During the stabilization period clients will have no family contact and must participate in all group activities throughout the week. 


We teach the men at Jericho how to conduct themselves in a professional manner. Slang and negative conversation is not permitted. Responses must be prompt and respectful. No arguments or bad attitudes are allowed. Jericho Project is a non-confrontational program. We have a zero tolerance policy in regards to verbal and physical threats, promotion and glamorization of drug use, criminal behavior and dysfunctional relationships is not tolerated. This helps individuals develop professionalism, self respect, self confidence, and healthy communication skills. It also promotes healthy relationships within their community. 


Jericho Project is not a lock down facility. Supervision is provided through staff and senior members of the program twenty four hours a day. Random drug screenings and inspections are conducted daily by staff. Jericho Project's structure and supervision provides counseling to our clients twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Visiting and Mail Policy 

Visitation is only allowed in case of a family emergency. We have a 90 day stabilization period. After 90 days only immediate family contact will be allowed once a month depending a client's progress and the stability of the person he is trying to contact. Clients are able to receive mail only after inspection, anything deemed inappropriate will be returned to sender. No use of any cell phones, land lines or computers is allowed unless authorized by Jericho Project staff. 

Participation Policy

Jericho Project’s training program requires participation in self-help activities that will assist clients in their development. These activities include educational classes, treatment meetings, and recreational activities. During the clients' commitment to Jericho Project, it is each member’s responsibility to participate these self-help activities and community meetings on a regularly scheduled basis.

Interview Now

Treatment is only a phone call away. Acceptance into Jericho Project begins with a free 15 minute phone interview. Call us Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm. We accept collect calls.


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