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Jericho Project

Jericho Project is completely independent and self-sufficient. We have never applied for a government grant or accepted insurance funding for our clients. 



Tuition for Jericho Project is $66,000.00 for the year program. In the history of Jericho Project no one has ever paid this fee. We sponsor 98% of the men that have participated in Jericho Project, the other 2% have paid partial payment. The men fund their tuition by participating in our internship program.

Jericho Project is not a hypothetical situation where you are in a government funded program, sitting in a group talking about how they are going to take responsibility for their life. Participation in Jericho Project requires the individual to actually take responsibility .... for their life. The men earn their own tuition and pay their own way.


This is the start of recovery

It costs $81,000.00 to house an inmate in California State Prison for one year. The 100 men that are participating in Jericho Project in lieu of State Prison, creates a savings of $8.1 Million Dollars a year to the tax payers of California. Money that can be better spent building Schools instead of Prisons.


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