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Jericho Project’s educational curriculum is a key component of our treatment. We believe that it assists the client in developing into a functional, self-reliant individual. Our partnership with Five Keys, an accredited charter school for adults, offers a standard-based curriculum of the core subjects--language arts, math, social science, science--as well as vocational arts and language courses. Programs are specifically designed for students as they prepare for re-entry and work. Courses target students at their current reading and math levels, with curriculum designed to meet the needs of students at varying levels of literacy and numeracy. Five Keys provides a range of educational programs and services including: high-school diploma, career and technical education, digital literacy, ESL education. Jericho Project also provides cognitive behavior therapy, recovery programs, case management, and correctional educational consulting. Through these efforts, our ultimate vision for our students is that they will develop transferable skills through curriculum and instruction that take learning off the page, out of the classroom, and into the workplace and learning environments. The goal is for our clients to be leaders and positive role models within their communities and homes.


Once a client has stabilized they will move to the vocational training phase of the program. During this phase clients develop a plan of action for long term career success. The courses consist of certification in construction application and general contractors licensing, fire science and prevention, commercial driving, warehousing, and personal training. The purpose of vocational training is to help clients develop the skills necessary to maintain a meaningful career leading to a productive lifestyle of independence and self-sufficiency.


Holistic Physical Training

The purpose of physical training is to help our clients develop the self-esteem and confidence to maintain a healthy drug-free lifestyle. This is accomplished through our course teaching the understanding of proper hygiene, medical and dental care, combined with nutrition and exercise. The clients will study all aspects of physical well-being and will participate in a physical training routine consisting of strength and endurance classes. Clients that are interested in developing a career as a physical trainer may study and obtain certification through the International Sports Science Association. A key aspect of physical training is social development. Members learn how to build a positive social network through  participation in activities such as: Tough Mudder, Spartan Races, and CrossFit events. We feel that physical development is a key component to mental and emotional stability. 

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