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The Ranch

Jericho Project's twelve-hundred acre working cattle ranch in Shasta County is in a rural country setting. This creates an atmosphere conducive to a change of thought that allows individuals to focus on the reality of their lives. With this new found perspective, we then focus on short and long term goals. Our objective is to provide our ranch hands with careers in the agriculture and ranching industries. Our men have achieved certifications in animal husbandry and general agricultural studies from Shasta College. Our vocational objective is to teach all aspects of marketing and sales of livestock, ranching operations, and maintenance. 

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The ranch uses animal therapy to help individuals build responsibility, maturity, and self-confidence. This has been proven through the studies of equine therapy which is one of the key components of participation at the Ranch. Animal husbandry supplies the experience of returning men to their natural instinctive state and producing a new disposition on life. This new prospective helps give members the ability to change their behavior.


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